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My Canary helps you understand whether you're performing at your best. It can't predict whether you will be safe to engage in potentially dangerous activities but it can give you important feedback to help you know if you're performing at your best.

Results Screen

A Smart Idea

My Canary is a mobile phone based human performance app designed to detect changes in human performance.

The Perfect Device

The perfect combination of objective performance analysis combined with your own subjective perspective.

Complete Privacy

Our 'Privacy Policy' is simple. Your personal information is kept on YOUR personal device. You have the option to share your results to Twitter or by Email if you choose.

How My Canary Works


Six random numbers appear, spin around and slowly disappear.


We follow conventional roadside protocol. You are asked to stand on one leg and stay steady for a brief period.


A variety of different color buttons appear at random locations. Your job is to tap the right color button as soon as it appears.

Time Perception

Count out loud for twenty seconds. We know many factors can impair ability. Time perception is a marker of reduced performance.


My Canary uses this information to help you access your performance. It will not make decisions for you, but it can provide objective and valuable information so that you can make an intelligent decision.

It is important to emphasize that the results of My Canary do not predict an individual's ability to drive or engage in activities that may cause harm or death to themselves or others and that My Canary users should not base their decision whether to drive or engage in potentially dangerous activities on the results of My Canary tests.

My Canary
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